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2020 Summer heat wave:

This brings a large risk of edible products melting. We have run tests and put into place a new structure for edible shipping to try to ensure our clients receive products without melting. All meltable edibles will be shipped with ice packs and with additional insurance (this will require a pickup at your local post office instead of the risk of it being left in a community mailbox). Products being left in a hot mailbox is 99.9% of where the melting occurs. Edible ordering will be at your own risk as we are doing our full part to help prevent melting until the weather cools down for safer shipping.

Melted product? If the item feels soft, place it in the refrigerator to help it take its shape (this works best before opening the wrapping. Items like chocolate and individually wrapped products can be restored this way.  Avoid freezing as it can effect the quality of the ingredients.