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Sweet Dreamer blends the perfect ratio of CBD:THC with the sleep-promoting compounds GABA and melatonin, to give you the restful night you’ve been dreaming of. Each ingredient in this powerhouse formula is chosen for its well-studied benefits to sleep. So, make your deep-sleep fantasies a reality and become a sweet dreamer tonight. Follow Dosage Suggestions for best results.



: Raspberry Soother



*With all of our heat sensitive edibles please keep in mind, due to the heat during the summer months, there is a risk that this item could melt while in transit - 99% of melting occurs when left in a hot mailbox (even for 5 minutes on a hot day).


At checkout you have the option to select delivery to the post office (heat sensitive products won't be damaged) or to your mailbox. If you order this product, you are doing so with this knowledge and if you do not choose to have it delivered to the post office (or leave it blank), no refunds will be offered if melted. If your product does soften, we suggest some time in the fridge (not freezer) before use.

Rosebud Sweet Dreamer

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C$47.00Sale Price
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