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*Sativa like effects.



About: Remember the good ole’ days? The last-minute road trips, the carefree morning wake n’ bakes, the sun on your face and a pep in your step? Yeah, me too!  Although, we haven’t built a time machine capable of sending you back to your unworried youth, we have created a gummy that might get you close.  If a Lounge Lizard and an energy drink had a baby, it would be this bad boy!

Rosebud Remedy is the first cannabis company in Canada to blend a dynamic dose of THC with caffeine and l-theanine, to get you buzzing around your garden like the honey bee you are.  


Follow Dosage Suggestions Best Results.

Flavors: Cool Berry


Caffeine has been described as tasting bitter, alkaline, and slightly soapy. To combat this Peppy-Mints have a sugar coating for an enhanced flavor experience.

Rosebud Peppy-Mint

C$36.00 Regular Price
C$32.00Sale Price
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