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Cannabis Related Terms

Marijuana is no longer a a taboo subject. People from all lifestyles and backgrounds enjoy its many uses. While some choose to use it for recreational purposes, others enjoy it to relax, unwind or to medicate themselves.

To new cannabis users, the options and terms can be a little overwhelming, so we have compiled a little cheat sheet to help you have an understanding of some of the most popular terms.

Short for marijuana edible: Any edible product that contains THC or CBD. Some of the most common edibles include brownies, cookies, gummies and chocolates. Although it varies from person to person, edibles tend to result in a much more intense and longer-lasting high than smoking. After consuming an edible, it generally takes 45-60 minutes (sometimes longer, again, it depends upon the individual) for one to start feeling the effects.When trying edibles for the first time, take it slow, be patient and don't over do it.


Quads (AAAA)

Trips (AAA)

Dubs (AA)

There is not an official Marijuana Grading System in Canada, but there are many factors that help make a strain classified into Quads, Trips and Dubs.The way that the cannabis plant was grown, cultivated and the way its buds were processed will have an impact on the final product and overall quality of the final product.

Best of the best - QUADS (AAAA)

High Quality - TRIP (AAA)

Average - Dubs (AA)

Quad products are the highest in price, but the buds that make the cut are the cream of the crop. Generally speaking, if a flower is a quad, it tends to be higher in potency, cured well, and of excellent quality.


Typically, cannabis Indica plants are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. Indica plants typically grow faster and have a higher yield than the sativa variety. Medicine produced from cannabis Indica plants have higher CBD and lower THC counts.


The major qualities of Indica medicinal strains include:

  • increased mental relaxation

  • muscle relaxation

  • decreases nausea

  • decreases acute pain

  • increases appetite

  • increases dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers)

  • for night time use


Cannabis Sativa plants are opposite of the Indica strains and grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. Sativa plants are also generally a lighter shade of green then their counterpart, the Indica strain. Sativa strains take longer to grow, mature, and require more light. Medicine produced from cannabis Sativa plants have lower CBD and higher THC counts.


The major qualities of Sativa medicinal strains include:

  • anti-anxiety

  • anti-depressant

  • treats chronic pain

  • increases focus and creativity

  • increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of learning, mood, sleep, anxiety and appetite)

  • for day time use


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