Tranquil Elephantizer is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through a potent cross of the powerful 88 G-13 Hashplant and Snow Lotus strains. This bud definitely earned its name, packing a super sedative high that will knock you out with just one hit. This high hits you fast and hard with a lifted tingly effect that fills your mind with unfocused happiness and washes away any mental aches or pains. This buzzy effect will soon spread throughout the rest of your body, lulling your physical form into a couch-locked state that's very sleepy and powerful, often knocking users out almost immediately once the effects settle in.


Tranquil Elephantizer is often chosen to treat conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, chronic fatigue, and depression. This bud has a spicy herbal chemical flavor with hints of sharp citrus upon exhale.

Tranquil Elephantizer AAA

  • 70% Indica

    30% Sativa

    THC: 20% - 22%