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200mg THC per bag, 100mg THC per Brownie.


 Milk Chocolate Space cakes are covered in Callebaut milk chocolate and are packed with 100mg of premium THC oil, topped with signature Sweet Jane sprinkles; this highly addictive brownie is guaranteed to give chocoholics their fix. Two brownies come per pack.


Dark Chocolate Space Cakes pack a big punch… Rich Dark Chocolate covered a smooth Chocolate brownie centre, loaded with 100mg of THC oil per cake, two come per pack. Pairs well with your morning cup of coffee or enjoy as a mid-day pick-me-up, or decadent dessert!


White Chocolate Space Cakes are smothered in decadent white chocolate, inside is a moist, chocolate brownie packed with 100mg of Premium THC oil. Haven’t tried one? It’s time to say, “welcome to the family!”

Space Cakes - 200mg

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