Pug’s Breath is an indica dominant strain, 100% Indica a direct descendant of the popular and well known Mendo Breath strain. This potent Indica flowers are frosty purple-green with bright orange hairs. They have an earthy citrus-spice with a funky exotic perfume. As an indica dominant strain, users of Pugs Breath report feeling a nice full body and happy tingly effect that hits almost immediately after your first few tokes. Users will feel a nice cerebral buzz that immediately lifts your mood, allowing you to feel much more social and happy. This will result in you wanting to be much more social and engaging. Over time, the high will then transform into a nice body high, pulling you down. As you slowly feel your physical form slip into happy sedation, your mind will then feel lifted into a nice state of euphoria that leaves users’ unable to focus on physical activities. At this point, its recommended to put your feet up and melt into your seat and put a movie on! Despite that energy boost you’ll feel in the beginning, we recommend this strain to be used in the evening or at night.

Pugs Breath

  • 100% Indica

    THC: 25%