Kootenay Labs – Live Resin

Live Resin cannabis concentrates! These potent nuggets are going to be a special treat for any connoisseurs and dab-heads out there. With extraction methods having improved vastly over the years, we can now enjoy the cannabis plants down to it's purest form. The process of flash-freezing freshly harvested flowers and processing it in near freezing temperatures captures and retains all the flavours and fragrances in the final product.These beautifully processed concentrates will blow your mind!  Pure quality. With this extract, you will find a higher concentration of terpenes compared to the typical BHO concentrates that flood the market today. Give it a dab today but remember to start slow. Enjoy!


Each jar contains ~1g of Live Resin


Bruce Banner

Pineapple Chunk

Sugar Cookies

Alien Cookie

Gelato 33

Agent Orange

Banana OG Kush


Thin Mint

Fruity Pebbles

Strawberry Jack

Kootenay Labs Live Resin

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