Kootenay Labs – Budda (1g)

Kootenay Labs Budda (Wax) serves as the perfect BHO companion to release alongside their shatter! Very much in the same way as shatter, this budda really shines when used in dabbing.  Easily portion-able, highly potent, and able to be stored for months on end.  Kootenay Labs Budda will provide users with a long-lasting high, making for some very excellent sessions whenever you need it.


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Each package contains 1g of Kootenay Labs Budda



Watermelon Kush OG (Indica)

Wedding Crasher/Train Wreck (Indica)

Amnesia Haze (Sativa)

Blue Magoo Cookies/Holy Grail (Hybrid)


    Each jar contains ~1g


    Kootenay Labs Budda

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