This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbet / Gelato and Slurricane. Gelato Sherbet buds are robust, with jagged brownish-purple leaves, and patches of forest-green.

Gelato Sherbet has a strong mint odor, with hints of sweet honey and pine. Combusting this strain amplifies the cool spearmint-flavor, and leaves a sweet, yet spicy honey aftertaste. Gelato Slurricane is the ideal strain for relaxing after a long day and will likely leave you locked to your sofa.

The euphoric haze reportedly creeps in steadily, as does the blissful body buzz. This strain is said to have a sedative effect that users say helps them reduce pain and inflammation as well as anxiety. Most users experienced an improved mood and stimulated appetite.



Gelato Slurricane AAAA

  • Indica dominant hybrid

    THC: 23%