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With a name like Blue OG, this strain sets some high expectations. Luckily, it exceeds them, combining the best of indica strains Blueberry and Blue Moonshine with none other than OG Kush to yield a perfectly balanced high. Blue OG also offers an interesting fruity, kushy taste.


There is some initial mental stimulation that may trigger some free-associative thinking. This cerebral mindset may be good for expansive creative brainstorming as well as for analytical problem-solving. Slowly, the body high intensifies, causing muscular tension to evaporate as deep breathing comes about more freely and easily. This combination of mental and physical effects may lend itself to activities that involve both body and mind like hiking, exercising, and even sex.


Eventually, Blue OG’s indica side fully takes over, conferring full-body relaxation that deepens as the high wears on. In the later stages of the high, smokers may find themselves couchlocked. Because of its taper from productive energy into foggy relaxation, Blue OG is best suited to late afternoon use. This strain’s effects are said to be strong and long-lasting, even for cannabis veterans.



  • 80% Indica

    20% Sativa

    THC: 19%