This mix is a cross between Black D.O.G and Pink Berry. Its aroma is a mixture of grape, berries, and oil while the effects tend to be relaxing with just a touch of cerebral stimulation.

The high in itself is just as sweet, perfect for kicking back at the end of a long day or when you need a little extra help to fall asleep at night. The high is very uplifting and happy without increasing your energy. You'll feel a tingly body high that eases you into deep relaxation while your mind wanders through euphoric introspection. This moderate body high can leave you sleepy at times, lulling you into a happily sedative state. This strain is a great medicinal choice for treating chronic pain, depression, inflammation, and chronic fatigue.



Black D.O.G Berry AAAA

  • 75% Indica 25% Sativa

    18% THC

    3% CBD