You may not be able to imagine relaxing euphoria if you haven’t experienced it. Black Cherry Punch can punch the feeling through your eyes – your mind will explode with activity. You’ll be left in a daze on its addicting flavor, locked to your couch in every sense. Those who love a pungent aroma flock to Black Cherry Punch’s spicy, cherry-earth smell. The strain comes from Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch strains, from which it gets its aggressive fruit cocktail flavors that plunge into spicy earth, herbs, and wood on the exhale. 


Black Cherry Punch offers an escape from many symptoms of chronic stress and pain, including the depression, appetite loss, and fatigue that comes with it. If you have trouble sleeping, you can also use the relaxing mental and physical effects of Black Cherry Punch to coerce your brain to sleep. The first thing you’ll feel is a tingling behind your eyes that builds up … the rubber-band snap back into your brain will blast you into happy euphoria. And cherry.If you like heavy aromas and potent effects, Black Cherry Punch has a lot to offer. Experienced growers love being able to influence the strain’s appearance with different cultivation techniques. Experienced users love being able to zap fatigue and stress with 3% CBD and a healthy heaping of THC. If you want to be possessed by a cherry demon, go for it! The most villainous thing it does with your body is convince it to sleep.

Black Cherry Punch AAAA

  • 80% indica/20% sativa 26% THC 2% CBD