Kootenay Labs gummies are one of our most popular items. Unfortunately one box of products was left too close to a heater and now we have a lot of potentially melted products. It is such a waste to toss good CBD and THC product, so we are selling them off below cost - perfect for those who are not concerned about exact dosage. We can't open every bag to see the level melt, so these ones are sold AS IS. Some still have shape of individual gummies and can be broken apart, others are more fused together.

Below Cost - Kootenay Melt Gummies

  • Moonberry 1000 = CBD gummies (1000mg total per pack)

    1:1 Tangerine Gummies 1000 =  500mg CBD & 500mg THC

    Concord Grape = THC gummies (1000mg total per pack) Indica

    Lemon = THC gummies 200mg THC per pack (Sativa)

    Keylime = THC gummies 250mg THC per pack (Indica)

    Apricot = THC gummies 250mg THC per pack (Sativa)