By adding nothing but pure, lab tested 90+% cannabinoid distillate and naturally occurring terpenes found in some of the most popular strains on the market you know exactly what you are getting with every delicious hit.

Leave the guesswork out of your vaping and indulge with confidence in what you are consuming.


1g Vape top

Standard 510 thread fits common batteries/vape pens.


Blueberry - Indica Dominant

Sunset Sherbet -  Indica Dominant

Pineapple Express - Sativa Dominant

God's Green Crack - Sativa Dominant

Durban Poison - Sativa Dominant

Northern Lights - Indica Dominant

Jungle Cake - Hybrid

Grand  Daddy Purple - Indica Dominant

Gelato - Hybrid

Jack Herer- Sativa Dominant


Sunset Sherbet

A name like Sunset Sherbet sets high expectations for a strain  in terms of taste and effects and this one absolutely delivers! A cross between the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and the lesser known but just as delicious Pink Panties, this indica dominant strain offers a unique flavou